Math–not my strong subject

Last month, when I was setting up my writing spreadsheet, I copied my October page and pasted it into November, just like I do for every month. I decided on 500 words a day for the days I worked, gave myself a low word count for my birthday, and blocked out Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Then I divided the rest of the words between my off days, plugged in the numbers, and came up with a little more the 50,000.

I was sailing right along until last night. I got to the point where I had to scroll down to see the line for the day. That’s when I found my mistake. November has 30 days, not 31. I’ve been behind the power curve all month. I have seven writing days left. I have to write another 13,000+ to be able to take Thursday and Friday off.

As of tonight, I have 32,704 words. I have 18,616 left to go. Any guesses what I’ll be doing tomorrow?


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