Back on track

Maybe that should be back on the trail. Last March I started a virtual hike of the Appalachian Trail with some on-line friends. I got sidetracked sometime during the summer, and I managed at some point to wash my pedometer. Needless to say, I’m so far behind the others at this point that I’m not sure I really want to know. However, I’m not getting any younger or thinner, so tonight I took an hour by myself and went to buy a new pedometer. I splurged and bought one the size of a credit card that goes in your pocket, and I think it will live on the bathroom vanity. I just have to get in the habit of putting it in my pocket when I get dressed and taking it out when I get undressed. That could be a challenge in itself; I’ve always been far better at forming bad habits than good ones.

I have big, exciting plans for this weekend. We WERE going to go camping again at Rockome, but circumstances conspired against us. Instead, I’m going to collect a big pile of stuff for Goodwill and make the guys take it down there for me. They don’t know that yet, of course. I did solicit suggestions from each of my family members for something fun to do this weekend, and no one had any bright ideas. Maybe this will teach them to be a little more creative. Or not. I also plan to crochet for a while and go to the local farmers market, where I will buy fresh produce of some sort and maybe talk with the Alpaca lady. I may even spend a few hours studying and/or writing. Really, weekends aren’t very much different for me than weekdays now. Each day is equally enthralling.


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