Attack of the Killer Zucchini

This is what I found when I got back from the rendezvous. They look rather innocuous, really, but they all took both hands to pick and were all at least a foot long. The zucchini vines were threatening to take over the yard and had to be tamed.

The irony: the past few summers have been hot and dry, and there was no sign of drought relief, so early last spring, I bought and installed two 60-gallon rain barrels so my garden could have rain water. They were full to overflowing within a week or so, although that was by design. I kept them in the garage until several days of rain were predicted so they would fill quickly. They have been full ever since because this is the wettest year we’ve had since we moved here four years ago. Apparently I need to plan for contingencies better, so my next house will have a large basement with a well-stocked tornado/fallout shelter, I’ll keep my rain barrels, and plan to store several snow shovels near the front of the garage.

And I think I won’t plant zucchini.


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