Water + L = Walter

Water has always had a calming effect on me. I do my best thinking in the shower. I’ve worked out plot tangles in the hot tub. When we lived in Virginia, I headed for the beach, even in the dead of winter, when I was stressed or frustrated. That’s why my day job is ideal. Not only do I love the gals I work with, it gets me out of the house and up to my elbows in hot water.

Yesterday, I was at work, not even thinking about the book, when Walter ambushed me with two simple ideas that will incorporate most of the concepts Scott and I talked about over the weekend. I was so shocked that I dried my hands and went to write them down! (My memory isn’t what it used to be!)

For some reason, I’m always amazed at how much easier writing is when I have a clear direction. Usually, the solution is simple and comes to me like a beam of sunlight through a window. That’s not to say this is going to be an easy edit. I have about 120 scenes to go through and tweak individually. I hate to say I’ve rounded a corner because I’ve thought that before; really this is a circular project, and I’m always rounding corners! I have come to realize, though, that this is more of a learning process than anything else. If the road to recovery starts with admitting one’s problem, then the road to publication starts with the realization that one is stumbling in the dark and that it’s a long time until dawn.


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