It doesn’t take much

Recently we did the cell phone shuffle. Alex and I were due upgrades, but they didn’t have the phone I wanted, so I got the phone Eric wanted and traded with him. His old phone/my new phone is my preferred brand, and the only thing I didn’t like was the selection of ring tones.

Yesterday, I found myself in the car (parked, thank you) with a few minutes to kill, so I was messing with my phone and discovered the option to download ring tones. I know, everyone is thinking I’ve been living under a rock. No, I had never downloaded a ring tone; I’ve never needed to. My old phones had enough options the I was able to pick something without the added expense. Until yesterday. I scrolled through pages of options, settled on Raiders of the Lost Ark, and voila! I’m cool!

This morning I went to the website to see what else they have. šŸ™‚ I found VeggieTales.

I wonder if downloading ring tones is addictive…


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