Rendezvous weather–right here at home!

Usually we have several days to experience rendezvous weather. The hot, cold, wet, and dry don’t usually happen all in one day, but that’s what happened here yesterday. It was cloudy when we got up, but the sun came out mid-morning and heated things up nicely. We hit 65* by lunchtime–in late January–in the Midwest. Craziness.

It didn’t last, of course. By 2:00 temperatures were falling. By 3:00 we had scary looking storm clouds blown in by strong wind. The rain started about 3:30, mostly fast showers with enough time between to dry the streets. By 4:30 it was changing to snow.

I had to take Vicky to an appointment at 5:00. It was snowing and blowing when we left, and as we drove down the interstate she said it was one of those days when she’s glad she can’t drive yet. When we got home about 6:30 it was 27* with wind chills in the teens. St. Louis had a wind chill of 1*, with a 50* drop in temperature in a matter of hours. Did I mention we were under a tornado watch yesterday?

Growing up in Michigan, we had strange weather. One Fourth of July we all put on jeans and heavy sweatshirts, and ventured outside long enough to burn some sparklers. I never saw anything like yesterday when I was a kid. In fact, weather was downright boring then. That’ll teach me to leave home in search of excitement and adventure!


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