Count down to Monday!

When was the last time you looked forward to Monday? I can’t remember when I last did. This Monday I’m heading south to rendezvous with Dad. Believe it or not, I finished my sewing last week. I couldn’t find the cap I bought last year, so I decided to make one. I also made a set of proper stays*. I had new lenses put into 18th century replica frames last year, too, so I’m in good shape. I made Vicky take a picture of me, but I should also have had her take one without the short gown** to show the stays. (Scandalous!)

I’m not terribly pleased with how the cap came out, but it’s not as bad as I thought it was. Seeing the picture is different from seeing it in the mirror. Lucky for me, I went looking for something else and found my cap from last year, so I don’t have to wear this one all week!

I need to remember to pack the camera this year so I can get more pictures. I need to dig out my jewelry, too. Time to go find my list.

*Stays evolved into corsets, which evolved into the modern bra. The sillouhette of 18th century costumes is all wrong with modern undergarments, and believe it or not, the stays are darn comfy!

**The short gown is the jacket. Back then, I’m not sure they had ‘jackets.’ Women wore gowns or robes, men had coats.


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