Holy canoli!

The cold front finally rolled through, the planets are in alignment, and I got the latest offering from Holly Lisle today. Seriously, if you write and haven’t been to the Holly Shop lately, do yourself a favor and click the link immediately to the right of this post. It’s right there, just above the cat. I got the beta version of “Beat Your Writers Block”. It’s a combination of a small workbook and a series of podcasts. I went through the whole thing in less than an hour, and Walter is speaking to me again. I didn’t do work on the book today, but I will tomorrow. In fact, I’m looking forward to it for the first time in I don’t even know how long.

There wasn’t really one thing that clicked for me. The main thing was when I asked myself when I got blocked, and when the last time was that I had fun with my writing. NaNo two years ago was fun, but I don’t remember getting much of a rush since Rogue Pawn. That was, like, four years ago. I also realized that working with Walter is hard enough. Working with Walter and another person and their muse is something I don’t want to try again for a very long time. If ever. It’s either going to have to be a well organized labor of love with strict conditions, or a very lucrative deal (buy-a-castle-in-Scotland lucrative) for me to consider it again.

More results to come soon. In the meantime, hit the Holly Shop. I don’t see “Beat Your Writers Block” in there yet, but it’s coming soon.

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