I’m trying to decide on a new web host. I’ve looked at a couple that seem promising and have similar pricing. G0Daddy is the least expensive, and they’re having a 15% off sale (which will save me a whopping fifteen cents) and they’ll let me go month to month. The others I’ve looked at all want a year contract, which I’m leery of since Jatol folded.

On the other hand, in reading about the Jatol debacle, I’ve seen mention of buying domain names in one place and hosting in another, just in case the web host goes under. That’s making me lean toward Bluehost.

I know it’s not rocket science. My sites are still up but it’s a matter of time before they’re not. As far as pricing, we’re talking about $12-$15 a year difference. I make that in tips working one party. Any thoughts?


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