Cat zukes!

My garden is doing well, and the zucchini seem to be very happy if the size of the squash I’ve been getting is any indication. I’ve been experimented with breading and baking it rather than frying. Today for lunch I used Bisquik instead of bread crumbs, just for the heck of it. The result was all right but not stellar and I was about to toss it when Ryan came for a scritchy. He sniffed at my plate, which is normal. When it became something more than a perfunctory smell I put it on the floor for him.

He took a few tentative licks and looked up and me, and I told him to go ahead. He was only licking the breading off, but it was still funny to watch, especially when he picked up the edge of one piece and shook it. Of course, Chloe saw him eating and came to investigate. When he licked his chops and walked away, she came to have to turn. Tess, of course, turned her nose up. By that time it had tabby cooties.

Who knew tabbies like zucchini?


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