I forgot

Eric bought a box donuts for his office staff yesterday, and the left-overs came home. (It was a big box, and there are three on his staff, plus an occasional stray from adjoining offices.) I immediately ear-marked a chocolate covered cake one, and the kids (and their friends!!!) knew better than to touch it. It was too close to dinner right then, and I thought it would be good for dessert. Then I got full and decided to save it for breakfast.

I forgot how good chocolate covered donuts are with hot coffee. It’s a good thing for me that my donut was the only one left in the box! It’s not exactly the breakfast of champions, but it’s good enough to put a smile on my face before 8 a.m. (No, Eric, I do not need a chocolate donut every morning; it will not get you brownie points–only a fat wife.)

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