Welcome, 2K7!

Happy New Year, y’all! Last night was relaxing, unless you are 14, and then it was boring. We were short a kid last night. Alex went to a lock-in at the youth center up the street. My knee-jerk reaction was to say, “No! You have the be HOME on New Year’s Eve!!” Then I remembered, he’s 16, not 6. There’s another thread of the apron strings cut; aren’t you proud of me?

We got some very interesting news from Scott last night. His brother has made the acquaintance of a NYT Bestselling Author, mentioned ‘The Dragon’s Lady’ and the Author offered to read and critique it! We’re very excited. If it actually works out, at the very least we’ll get some feedback from someone in the industry, and at best maybe we’ll have made a good contact who can give us a little help. It’s too early to name names, but to have this come on New Years Eve, unsolicited, was a kick in the pants at the very least!

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