I decided this needed it’s own post, or the other would have been too long. Don’t want to overtax anyone!

I stopped doing resolutions several years ago because I start them with great enthusiasm, get bored, and quit. However, when I was in therapy last winter to learn to deal better with ADD I made a list of long-term goals. I’ve updated them twice since I wrote them; they get printed on neon paper and posted inside a kitchen cupboard so I see them on a fairly regular basis. Some of them have been on there since the first list (not saying which ones!), some marked off and replaced by two or three more!

Here is the current list for perusal and consideration:


– Neat, warm and inviting with minimal clutter
– Functional and organized
– Finish painting
– Organize books
– Spend more time gardening and preserving so we have healthier food


– Grading kept current
– Grades entered in computer regularly
– Capability to calculate grades on demand
– File/storage for projects
– Place slightly more emphasis on areas which Vicky thinks are weak so she’ll be more confident when she goes to school


– Write five days a week on a consistent basis
– Find creative/fun ways to exercise
– More consistency in personal devotions; pray daily for peace, here and abroad
– Read at least one book per month for pleasure
– Learn to knit
– Work through stash of cheap yarn so I can work with better yarn
– Take more pictures, digital and film; organize pictures in categories so I can maybe use them and not lose them
– Keep web pages updated
– Finish Book 2 and Rogue Pawn (again)
– Write and snail mail letters to loved ones, especially Grandma

It’s a lot, I know, but it isn’t meant to be completely accomplished in a year. It has been and will continue to be on-going, and I might possibly run out of things to add before I die. Maybe not; keeping busy keeps one young, right? So in theory, when I run out of things to do I’ll die?


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