Heaven help us!

Remember Gary Brolsma? The Numa Numa kid? If you don’t, you don’t surf much. His Numa Numa video sparked a bunch of knock offs and generated his 15 minutes of fame.

Let me first confess that I love the song. It’s in Romanian, but I did look up the translation to make sure it wasn’t about bestiality or devil worship. (It’s not; there was something about trees and Picasso.) It has a powerful beat and the lyrics are sung in such a way that it doesn’t matter that they’re not English. It just makes me smile. Gary’s video makes me laugh, too. He’s very expressive, and you just don’t expect a song like that to come out of a round-faced guy with glasses, from a bedroom in New Jersey. I suspect he’s overcoming the same Walter Mitty complex I have. Put him in front of a webcam and he’ll go to town, but off the webcam he’s shy and unassuming.

Having said that, I wonder if Gary is trying to extend his 15 minutes, or if he’s just caught in the rip tide, or if there is more demand for his, uh, “work” than I thought. It might be the last; I’m old. Just ask my kids.

If you’re dying to know more, you can visit his new website here. Good luck.


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