Hmm. OK

I’d like to say I’m resting my case from yesterday, but I can’t. It’s too strange to be apples and oranges; more like bananas and pomegranites. I’m glad I’m not Iranian. (I’m sure the average Iranian woman is glad not to be American, so it all works out in the end.) I get confused enough without the news media changing words for things in an attempt to weed out ‘foreign’ words.

I have the first of a series of Dudleys Rush gigs today. This one is at a winery about half an hour from here, and they’re feeding us, so it should be fun, even if it is a long day and we don’t really know what’s going on. The coordinators told us we needed to do a 20-25 minute set, so that’s what we planned for. The local newspaper did an article on Thursday which said that Dudleys Rush will take the stage for an hour at 4:00. The good news is that we’ve been working on a few other things for the other upcoming gigs, so we could probably cobble together an hour set. Then again, they’re doing a wine tasting before the show. We could do our 20-minute set three times through and probably no one will know the difference!

I love Bluegrass!

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