Just for fun

It is quieter here today. The boys have gone home, the teens who invaded this afternoon have vacated, and packing has commenced.

I do have to say that I have good friends. When I suggested this concept, they pitched right in with their ideas. Next year we’ll have to work on set-up a little more if we do it again, but this isn’t bad for our first attempt at a Period photo. Please ignore the crew neck t-shirts, plastic planters, and the lawn chair off to the left. Oh, and the sign wasn’t spray painted; I’m getting soft-hearted in my old age and protected the name of the not-so-innocent. I present to you, loyal readers, “Ma, Pa and the Boys.” (That’s Pa right behind me. Oh, yeah, well Vicky isn’t a Boy, but she’s a tomboy, so that’s close enough.)

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