Pinched from Gemmak:

I am: feeling truly pitiful today
I want: everything to come together in a nice, neat package
I wish: we knew what was going on with Eric’s job
I hate: critters with more than four legs
I miss: being able to hang out with a few specific people whenever I want
I fear: the struggles my kids will face as they grow
I hear: occassionally; eight years in hazardous noise areas took their toll
I wonder: if I’ll make it through my kids’ teens, and they’re good kids!
I regret: getting my degree in business and not psychology
I am not: organized
I dance: badly
I sing in the shower: sometimes, usually if I need to practice something for church
I cry: too rarely for my own good
I am not always: a nice mom or wife
I make with my hands: dinner for my family
I write: too sporadically
I confuse: myself and others
I need: to have my allergies magically disappear
I should: be writing. Or cooking
I start: lots of different projects
I finish: far fewer than I start


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