Memory Lane

This is from Jean, who got it from Tambo.

20 years ago:

April, 1986, I was here in Illinois, in Rantoul for technical training. I’d been in the Air Force a grand total of three months. I’ve blocked out most of that experience now; I don’t like the person I was then. I had a lot of growing up to do and no idea that it needed doing!

10 years ago:

April, 1996, we were in Goldsboro, North Carolina. I was working for a stock broker part time, putting together seminars at that point. I think I was also still the director for the A-Day-Away program at our church. Later I quit the job at the church to accept a full time job with the broker. That was the job that taught me I really shouldn’t be working full time before the kids are grown and gone. Our lives are much more stressful when both Eric and I are 9-5’ing.

5 years ago:

April, 2001, we were in Del Rio, Texas. Thank goodness we found a good church early on, or I don’t know what I would have done. I had culture shock like I’d never had to that point, and I hadn’t left the U.S.

1 year ago:

We were packing up non-essentials in preparation for the move we made in June.

1 month ago:

I was gearing up to go to Rendezvous, not knowing that I was staring Oz in the face.


I worked the quietest bridal shower ever. Showers can get a little rowdy sometimes, but this was a group of about 15, and after the games were done we hardly heard a peep out of them. Tips were great!


I baked bread because I felt like it.


I get to go to the dentist and clean the house.

In the next minute I am tagging:

Anybody who feels like exploring this walk down memory lane.


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