Growing up

I’ve noticed some subtle changes here lately. My kids are growing up.

I know. It happens.

Vicky is big enough to start wearing my clothes. This fall she’ll be styling in the leather and suede I bought several years ago when I worked at Wilsons. I’ll never get into again, so I’ll hold off E-Bay-ing it until she outgrows it.

Alex has started getting up and going to school without a word. He hops on the bike and off he goes. Except when it’s really cold. Then he speaks enough to ask if I’m ready to go. He’s not a morning person; he gets that from me.

They both worked for other people this week. Alex helped a guy from church with lawn work, and Vicky scored a babysitting gig.

Intellectually, you know when they’re born that these things are going to happen, but it’s always a shock when it does. It’s a bittersweet thing, and I’m trying not to be too sad about it. Ever the optimist, when I get depressed that they’re going to grow up and not need me on a regular basis, I get on the internet and start planning the trip to Europe that Eric and I will be able to afford in, oh, about ten years! Second honeymoon, baby!


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