OK, I’ll be a writer when I grow up

I’ve gushed here about Jennie Crusie before. This spring she has a book coming out that she wrote with mystery auther Robert Mayer. Apparently it went so well that they’re doing another one, and they’re blogging together. However, they don’t blog every day, so I don’t read it every day. I went over this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find several new posts. I love that.

A little teeny thing in Sunday’s ‘He Wrote’ solidified my decision about pursuing this writing thing I’ve been waffling on:

“I was sitting with Terry Brooks in Maui”

I know! It’s not even a complete sentence! You can read the whole thing for yourself to get the context. It’s quite funny, trust me.

The thing is, while we have Terry Brooks’ books upstairs, they’re Eric’s. I’m not a particularly big fan. Eric and Terry are detail oriented. I prefer to let my imagination fill in details, and I let my reader(s) do the same thing. I also don’t have any driving need to go to Hawaii. I’d like to visit sometime, sure, but I’m not rolling pennies and pinning up pictures of sunsets and beaches.

Having said that, the thought of sitting in an exotic location, sipping daquiries with umbrellas with bonafide authors just gets me all fired up. Too bad I have to go to work pretty soon or I’d go fire up the laptop. Alas, we have a Red Hat party today, and that means I might get a share of the tips! Tips are my friend, but waiting tables is my nightmare.

Before I go get dressed, I’m changing my screen saver: Scrolling marquee: “I was sitting with Terry Brooks in Maui”.



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