Blog recommendation for those with SAD

I was stubborn. I don’t read romance. I read romance in Jr. High. All the stories were the same, with one exception and while I don’t remember the title or author, I do remember the ending blew chunks. The ‘hero’ (using the term loosely) got on a ship with the baby, and left the heroine watching from a windown, knowing she would never see her lover or child again. Madame Butterfly with a twist.

Then I read about Jenny Crusie. I think Holly was the first to blog about her, followed by Jean. I figured if Holly and Jean love her work, there must be something to it.

Oh! My! Gosh!

I got one from the library and laughed until my sides hurt. Seriously. I cried all my make-up off. I bought two for a flight to Dallas and back and drew strange looks from those around me who were trying to decide if I was trying not to laugh too loud or choking on a peanut.

Jean, I think, was the one who posted the link to her blog. Have a peek, and if you like what you see there, you will LOVE her books. She writes with a single man, Bob, and he looks like I pictured Gabe in Fast Women. Or maybe Zack in Getting Rid of Bradley. Then again, he looks like Jake in another of her books, but I can’t remember which right now. Hmm. I have it upstairs…

Oh, um, anyway, check out her blog and if you like it, buy her books for yourself and all your book reading loved ones still on your Christmas list. If she doesn’t make you feel better, nothing will! (One editorial opinion: She doesn’t update nearly as often as I would like.)

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