It’s 21* here. That’s -7 celcius, if you’re interested. I personally only like the celcius scale in the summertime. It helps me to feel cooler to think of 80* as 20* (or whatever it is), which right now feels freaking cold!!!

I almost had to get peeved with a major retailer today. Since it’s SOFREAKINGCOLD, I decided we needed a set of flannel sheets. I had some presents to buy, so I started with the sheets so I wouldn’t forget. Five aisles of sheets, this major retailer had, and on the first pass through I didn’t find a stitch of flannel!

Since I’m not one to fly off the handle and find an employee to yell at (been on both sides of that one, and both will ruin your day), I wandered through more slowly, much, I’m sure, to the consternation of other shoppers.* Finally, in the last aisle, next to the faux suede duvets, were flannel sheets! They’re in the drier now, and they’ll be on my bed as soon as they’re done. Bliss!

*I thought it was safe to shop in the middle of a Monday. There are still 19 shopping days until Christmas, and I’m still trying to figure out why there were so many people in my way at the major retailer!! Don’t these people have JOBS, for pity’s sake?

At least the kids were still in school; children were limited to cranky babies and ticked off toddlers. This is the only time of year when retail therapy really isn’t therapy; it’s an exercise in the limits of one’s patience.

Oh, and Val, I haven’t forgotten your meme. I tried to copy and paste it yesterday and it didn’t work. This evening your blog doesn’t want to load; I’m getting the ‘blogger not found’ message. Darn. A long meme that would require me to think was JUST what I wanted to do…


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