This is what my to-do list looked like at 6:00 p.m. yesterday:

Put up outside lights before it rains
Clean garage enough to get van in
Get out tree
Put nativity on mantle
Go bike shopping*
Base Exchange–shaving cream, blades, dinner at food court
Shred old manuscripts
Write–break 42,000 words

Yeah, you’re reading that right. The laptop didn’t even get fired up until suppertime, so the fact that I did over 2,000 words made me happy.

I did take a break to decorate the tree with my family. They’re tough–they want Mom to participate in family traditions. After all, I can write anytime, right? Hee hee; tell that to my muse…

*This is for Alex, who is taller than me, weights more than me, and wants a 20″ bike with pegs on the sides so he can give his friends rides. He test rode one yesterday; if we buy him a clown suit we can rent him out for toddlers’ birthday parties. Incidently, before you buy a bike for your kid, do yourself a favor and go to a professional bike shop. Ask questions about what will and won’t hold up for what your kid will do with the bike, and never underestimate the torture a kid will put a bike through. Apparently things I never thought about matter, like the number of spokes and axle size of the tire, which is why a 170# kid can give his friends rides on a 20″ bike.


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