26–er thousand and something

I don’t remember the little numbers from yesterday. The long and short is that I didn’t do anything Friday, but got over 3,000 yesterday in two shots. It’s been so busy here, and I’m only just finishing my first cup of coffee today, so the brain hasn’t kicked in.

It sounds like breakfast is almost ready (Thank you Lord that Eric likes to cook) so I better make it quick.

In addition to writing and working, we went to a big chain home improvement store yesterday and gave them a nice chunk of change for closet stuff: extra shelves, brackets, etc. The downstairs closet under the stairs now has a nice wide shelf in the back, Alex has a new shelf in his closet with space for more if he wants to add them later (or if I do after he moves out), and I have new storage in my closet. We got the ones where you screw the little slotted things into the studs and put in brackets to hold the shelves, like you see in clothing stores. It gives me the option to add on later and shift things around. I’m happy with it.

Other than that, I’ve been running errands, like returning books from Amazon. I ordered audio and they sent me paperback. If it was for me it wouldn’t have been as big a deal, but it’s a gift. The worst part is that I can’t be sure it was their mistake, so I can’t yell at anyone!

OK, breakfast is done so I better scoot. If I can get near the internet access computer this afternoon I’ll post an updated word count here and at NaNo.


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