Sticker shock–at the dentist!

I took Vicky to get her teeth cleaned a couple weeks ago, and the tech recommended sealants. She’d lost some of the teeth that had been previously sealed, and the existing sealants needed some retouching.

The receptionist looked up the co-pay for our insurance-$10.00 per sealant as opposed to $25.00 per filling if we don’t seal.

That’s a no-brainer–I set up the appointment for sealants and mentally budgetted $40.00 since she had four molars sealed the last time. When she was six.

Today I took her to the dentist and sat down in the waiting room hoping for enough time to read an article that looked interesting. Then I had time for another, and still another, until I’d flipped through a whole copy of Women’s Day. Finally, after an hour, they came out, and I discovered they hadn’t sealed four teeth; they’d sealed twelve.

I’m not a math genius, but I am a homeschooling mom. I saw the equation in my head.

$10.00 x 12 teeth = 3 times what I’d budgetted.

Heck, yes, I said so! And of course I paid it all; I’d forget to pay the rest if I’d split it up.

Adding insult to injury was the fact that they guy at the coffee shop didn’t know what size a venti cappuccino is (20 oz–venti is Italian for 20), and everyone on the road around me decided that I needed to stop often.

So here I am at almost 4:00 in the afternoon. Since we had gym class this morning and the dentist in the afternoon I’ve gotten nothing done. No dishes, no laundry, certainly no writing, and all I want is a nap.

I hate days like this.


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