more progress

I sat down last night and did the other couple hundred words to put me over the ‘8,000 word weekend’ barrier. I need to do 3,500 a day between now and Wednesday if I’m not going to write at my mom’s this weekend. I really need to do that; Mom doesn’t listen when I say, “Don’t make plans; we’ll play it by ear.”

I realized, early this morning when I woke up to blow my nose and hack out a lung, that after NaNo, I need to spend a week or two doing the Rogue Pawn synopsis. The goal was to send it out for submission by the end of the year. I have about eight weeks from now, and the next three are dedicated to ‘Peace Like A River.’

Unless I hit 50,000 early. That could happen, but if I don’t get my sinuses under control soon, it might not.


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