Common ground

Last night we went to dinner, and the restaurant we chose was near a grocery store that I frequent occassionally. For this area, I consider it a yuppie store. It has a large deli and bakery section, perfect for the soccer mom on the go. Not that I’ve ever been a soccer mom, but that’s ok. This particular store carries a brand of organic growth-hormone-free milk that we like, and this is the only store where I’ve found it. So we went in and I got my milk, we picked up a 6-pack of Killians, and we came home.

It wasn’t until this morning that I realized we’d stopped at the store for milk and beer!

Welcome to the home of the Redneck Yuppies!

In other news, November is in two days. I’m not done notecarding. Looks like I’d best get my rear in gear.

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