Monster Creation 101

I think a while back I posted about Tess and ice cubes. Somebody dropped one and it was an instant kitty toy. The trouble was, she’d get tired of them and pretty soon I had puddles on the floor. I started putting them in the water dish, and she had fun poking at it with her paw.

Then she figured out she could get her paw under it and pop it out. That was great fun until it slid underneath the water dish.

No problem. She figured out how to grab the finger holes with her claws and slide the dish so she could get to the ice cubes. That left more puddles! Bigger puddles!

The trouble now is that she’s dragging the water dish around the kitchen, spilling the water, looking for the ice cube that isn’t there. I’ve had to clean water up twice this morning and I’m still eating breakfast. I put a towel under the dish; maybe that will at least keep the puddles to a minimum. Stay tuned for further developments.

At least part of the kitchen floor is clean now.


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