Me and my big mouth!

This time I got tagged not once but TWICE! Val and Jean both got me with the Ides of October meme that Holly started. OK, y’all, that’s cute. Don’t make me start one so I can tag both of you!

The mission was to search my blog for the word ‘joy’. Suggested synonyms were also acceptable. Oddly, there was only one reference to ‘joy’, but it wasn’t exactly ‘joy’. It was ‘Joy’. Even more oddly, it was in another meme on July 14 and was the answer to the question, “What is your mother’s name?”

It wasn’t used sarcasticly, so it counts!

Just to be fair, I did search for synonyms, too, and came up with ‘comfort’ on September 2 in reference to Quilters Comfort America. No, I didn’t finish the quilt. I never even finished cutting the squares. Follow-through is not my strong suit.

OK, so now I’m supposed to tag someone else. Again:
Let’s get Zette in on the fun

(Obviously I need more joy. I also need more readers.)


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