Gracie strikes again!

A friend of mine is getting ready to move, so I went to help her today. While walking in her yard, I found a hole and twisted the crap out of my ankle. I walked it off; I knew she’d freak out if I was really hurt. Honestly, after a minute or so, it felt fine.

A couple hours later I had a little twinge of pain.

When I got home, another hour after the first twinge, it was throbbing. I sent Vicky to root around in the medicine cabinet; I was hoping for some left-over Demerol, even when I knew there wasn’t any. She found a bottle with two prescription strength Motrin. (Vitamin M for you military folks.) The Motrin dulled the pain enough that I can hobble instead of writhing on the bed in pain. I have been alternating heat and ice and keeping it elevated, I can wiggle my toes, and there is no swelling or brusing. My neighbor is a fireman, and he thinks it’s just pulled tendons. I’m inclined to agree, but it hurts like the dickens, and I only have one Motrin left.

Needless to say, we won’t be making it to church tonight, and the Pizza Hut guy will handle dinner.


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