Liquid Sculpture

This is a very cool site! It’s all photos of drops of various types of liquids. I’m not sure I’d have ever thought to do that, but the pictures are very cool.

I’m ruminating over my NaNo novel for this year. I’ve done a few notes, and I hope to be notecarding in a few days. Right now, I’m in the ‘what all can I do to make my characters miserable’ phase, in which I imagine the worst case scenario, make it worse, and burn my fingers while I’m cooking. *L* I sometimes get a little too absorbed and temporarily lose track of reality! The mustard worked, by the way. This is the beginning of the fun part. Slogging through edits is usually where it becomes work, unless writer’s block kicks in, which is what I’m trying to avoid.

All I have to do now is not think about torturing my characters while I’m playing with open flames or sharp objects; loss of fingers makes it tough to type.


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