Under The Tuscan Sun

We Netflix movies, and this was one I might not have seen otherwise. It came recommended by a friend while we lived in Italy, but I just got it the other day. I do have the book, but it’s not close to the same thing. The movie took bits of the book and changed the plot ‘for dramatic effect.’ I knew ahead of time, so it’s all good.

The most memorable part, aside from the scenery, was when Frances is driving with Marcello, her soon-to-be younger Italian boytoy, and there is the usual honking of horns and rude gestures that is seen often in Italy. She asks if anyone pays attention to traffic lights and his answer (paraphrased) is:

“Oh, yes! Green, she says ‘Andiamo! Andiamo!’ (Go! Go!) Yellow is decoration, and red is merely a suggestion.”

Yep, that sums up Italian driving! That’s the reason Eric had to do the driving in Rome!

Northern Italy was a little tamer, but those Southerners were nuts!


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