Manuscript 2, incarnation 3, out the door

I mailed a copy of Rogue Pawn to Scott today. I need him to read it because Sieger (the main character) figures heavily into DR2. I know he won’t read it until at least the end of the week. He’s going on vacation and doesn’t fly out until Saturday, and I mailed it to his destination, so it might be Sunday before he even sees it, but I keep wondering if he’ll like it.

This is the first novel I’ve written on my own. I’ve done short stories and a novel and a half with him, but Rogue Pawn is mine. She’s my baby, and she’s been heavily edited twice already.

I do have two other stories ruminating in my little brain, and they are new territory. Neither are science fiction or fantasy, and neither can be induced to be unless I inject a random elf or gnome. Since publication is the goal, I don’t see that happening. However, I do have a new package of index cards ready to go when I get some spare time. OK, better plan: I have a new package of index cards, and I need to cordon off some time in my planner in ink. Spare time is a rare commodity around here.


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