I feel old

I ran across this headline when Yahoo opened this morning:

“Hustle” Star Survives JetBlue Scare

I’m old enough to remember the Disco era, but I don’t remember one specific person representing the Hustle. I clicked the link; nope, no idea who Taryn Manning is, and of course there was no picture. It mentioned that she wrote notes to her boyfriend and parents, and I thought, “Hmm, little old for a boyfriend, but hey, who knows?”

I dug a little deeper and up popped a picture that looked like Paris Hilton in Annie. Taryn Manning is just shy of 27, and last year did a movie called “Hustle and Flow.”

No wonder she’s not older than me! It’s not even my Hustle!

Um, ok, the Hustle is not actually my Hustle either. Honestly, I couldn’t remember the name of the dance until I read the headline, but I did do the Hustle when I was a kid. That was a slumber party staple, and heaven help the girl who forgot to bring the tape! (Yeah, we were high tech; we had it on cassette!)


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