HOW do they do that??

In my travels today I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. In front of me as I was walking in was a woman who was walking about the same speed as me. She walked through the middle of the door and glanced back over her shoulder at me like I was stalking her. I almost laughed because:

1. I’m not a physically intimidating person. In fact, I look like your average WASP school teacher,


2. She was in my way! When I sped up, so did she, and she moved when I moved.

The worst part is, it happened not once but twice, with two different people! OK, maybe I didn’t look my best; I’d just bought mulch and potting soil, and I was a little dirty. I have yard work to do, and I wasn’t about to go home and change when I was right there.

At least I didn’t have little blue-haired ladies running me down with shopping carts today.


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