Back up for the moment

We’re still having internet issues. I don’t understand the technicalities, but apparently our router talks to another router which is currently located in a cement plant a few miles from here. That router went down over the weekend, and no one works weekends there. Eric called to report the outage and told them to break our contract. We’re having a cable modem installed Friday. We’ll be down again part of this week, but I don’t know when. That’s been the story of my life since we moved in here.

I didn’t miss the ‘net too much over the weekend. I was mostly sleeping off a migraine and watching TV. Nope, nothing productive going on here. Oh, I take that back: I moved the old curtains from our bedroom down to the office, and the office curtains to the living room. The old living room curtains will be hung elsewhere when I get more curtain rods; right now they’re in a heap on the arm of the couch. Eric and I also shifted some stuff around in the garage and decided we have too much crap. There’s an epiphany.


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