The internet is fixed again. It looks like Tess may have been a mitigating factor but not the only one. It’s been very sporadic the last few days, running like wildfire one minute, like molasses then next, sometimes dropping off for hours with no warning. That doesn’t sound kitty chews to me, and the tech did say that the wiring wasn’t secured the way it should be. He also said they’ve had some trouble with the access point. Honestly, I think they tried to launch their service before they worked out the bugs. I hope they get it together post haste so we don’t have to change providers.

I’ve got the first edit and type-in changes done on Rogue Pawn. I’ve put the two pieces together and formatted it to get rid of extra page breaks, etc. It shook out to just shy of 134,000 words, about 20,000 less than The Dragon’s Lady. I’m glad to have made progress, and I’m hoping that Scott will be able to help me identify weak spots.

On a related note, Holly made reference in her blog to notecarding. I think I read that workshop once before, but it hadn’t sunk in. I think I might get some index cards and start something new in preparation for National Novel Writing Month in November. I’m also struggling with Marissa’s part of DR2 and may use this to get me going. She’s not a main character, but she is important to the story. I could knock that part out if I could figure out exactly what her plan is, but she’s pretty secretive. I have to work today so hopefully I can get some cards while I’m out and let the plot ruminate over the dishwater.


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