We’ve been having a little trouble with our internet connection lately. Sometimes we can get on, other times we can’t. Our neighbors who have the same service have had intermittent trouble, so we didn’t think too much about it. When it wouldn’t connect, we pulled the power cord on the modem, plugged it back in, and it was sometimes fine and sometimes not.

Long story short, we checked the cables. All three have kitty teeth marks. Tess has been munching.

I called our provider last night. They’ll come out tomorrow afternoon and replace the one that goes to their box, after which I’ll crawl under the desk and wrap the part that comes into the house with double-stick tape. That oughta fix her!

If it’s especially quiet around here for the next few days, that’s why.

Oh, yeah, and thanks for telling me to try the connection, honey. You saved me from having to go to the library terminals.


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