First read-through done

I finally finished the first edit on Rogue Pawn last night. I’m happy with the way it came out. There were twists that I didn’t anticipate, but that’s part of what makes it exciting. I love it when the story takes over; all I have to do it try to keep up!

Today I start making the changes to the manuscript, and then I’ll probably print it and give it a fast read-through before I send it to Scott. I really need him to proof it for me because the last, oh, probably third will be incorporated into DR2. He has his own ideas of what will happen in that book, so I need to be consistent.

It may sound odd, my willingness to change my story to fit the wishes someone else. The short reason is that when we work together, the product is better. Sometimes we use his ideas and sometimes we use mine, but our ‘bouncing around ideas’ sessions always yield some good stuff. He can help me fill in the holes I can’t see, too. The downside of working with him is that it’s slow. Since he lives twelve hours away, it’s difficult to get together. We’ve done some on-line, but even coordinating that can be tricky, between his schedule and mine.

The good news is, life is settling down just a little, so we may be able to kick into high gear and get some work done. I need to get back into the swing of things; November is just around the corner!

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