Evidently I concerned some people with my last post. First, let me say that I ddin’t need that job. The money would have been nice; it would have gotten us out of debt faster. Eric makes a good wage so we’re not starving or homeless.

Having said that, I do have a little gig that I just started. A friend at church has a little tea room where I wash dishes a few hours a week. I’m not going to get rich on it, but that’s not the point, and it’s not too many hours so it won’t interfere with teaching. I’ll still have Vicky at home this year.

Getting Alex registered for school has turned into a three-ring circus. First we needed an appointment to see the counsellor, now we have to go back again to get his schedule, locker combination, and the close-up for his school ID. There are also lab fees that I didn’t know about and aren’t mentioned on the website. That’s not a big deal; I’ll pay the school a few dollars out of pocket if it will keep my property taxes down.

As you can see, the fun and excitement never stops around here. Think I might go take a power nap…

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