The server has been built and Frontpage installed. We need a static IP address and some other technical stuff I won’t pretend to understand, but Dragonsroost is on the way to being rebuilt. If you have suggestions for things you’d like to see, leave me a comment. I plan to leave the blog here with a link on Dragonsroost for new people. It will be simpler in the long run.

I think I promised Rendezvous pictures, so here are a couple of the kids. Somehow I managed to get no pictures of me or Linda, and only one of Dad. I think I was in teacher mode when I had the camera out. I wanted pictures to show to Eric, but also to document our week of history classes! BTW, if you look to Vicky’s right (left to you) about hip level, you’ll see my dulcimer. I played when I was about 10 and Dad had it all these years. I’m glad to have it back, but I’ve discovered it’s far more complicated than I remember. I had no idea that there are at least six different ways to tune a dulcimer, depending on what you’re playing and how you want it to sound. It’s never simple.

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