Crunch time and birthday improvising

Today is Alex’s 15th birthday. 15 years and three hours ago (give or take) I was waking up from a nap, desperate for a shower. The nurses thought I was nuts!

Since we’re getting ready for Rendezvous it’s been a little crazy here. I’ve been trying to pack, clean the house and finish the Rogue Pawn edit this week. I’m out of here in 48 hours and have yet to accomplish any of these.

Last night Eric and I crawled into bed and he said something about Alex’s birthday. That’s when it hit me: Crap! I don’t have a cake, I didn’t wrap the couple of presents we’ve already gotten him, and the van is still in the shop and I promised to take him shopping on his birthday!

He didn’t seem to care that there was no wrapping paper, he opted to wait until we get to Rendezvous for his cake on the condition that we go to his favorite restaurant for dinner, and Eric is leaving work early this afternoon so I can pick up the van and take him shopping. Crisis averted. I’m blessed that birthdays have never been gala events on either side of the family!

Now I just need to pack, clean the house, and finish the Rogue Pawn edit. In 48 hours.


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