Skateboarder Clears Great Wall

This is interesting on many levels.

-Danny Way is 31. To most skateboarders, he’s bordering on ancient.

-When he cleared the wall, he was going 50 mph. I don’t want to see him behind the wheel of a car.

-China has Ministers of Extreme Sports and Culture. OK, the culture I can understand. How does one choose a Minister of Extreme Sports? Has he participated in Extreme Sports and therefore an expert of sorts, or is he like Donald Rumsfeld, who is Secretary of Defense but not a member of the U.S. military? In the case of the latter, he’s probably a round little Chinese man who could pass for Buddha in the dark.

In other bizarre news, Willie Nelson is releasing a reggae CD. Needless to say, the cover art features a marijuana leaf. Surprise, surprise! Willie is 72 now, which could explain why, during a recent concert with Bob Dylan, he forgot to sing anything from the new CD.

I’ve written some bizarre stuff, folks, but even I couldn’t make this up!


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