Just a quick update:

We arrived safely Friday night. The flights were good, much better than I’d anticipated. Family and cats did well and we’re trying desperately to kick the jet lag.

The weather has been cool, low 80’s, and I’ve actually been chilly. I know it’s just waiting for our household goods to be delivered before it goes back up to 105.

We found a house and will be able to take possession in a couple of weeks. I’m not happy about the time frame; we have to board the cats until we move in, which means they’re living in cages. However, the place where they’re being boarded is nice, has a good reputation, and the lady who owns it refers to the animals at “babies” so I’m as comfortable as I’m going to get with it!

Status is good at this point. I’m even getting work done on the book! What a concept!

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